The beauty of the

After the Lesser Antilles, the family set off to discover the Virgin Islands and, more notably, the beach paradises of Barbuda before making a stopover in Gustavia, the jet-setting capital of Saint-Barth, where they had the memorable experience of arriving at carnival time!

What about 
 - EATING? -

This extraordinary journey requires day-to-day planning, especially where food is concerned.  Even though the sea is full of fish, becoming an expert fisherman doesn’t just happen overnight! And the stopovers don’t always mean finding the food stores you like.

It’s worth remembering that replenishing food supplies on the islands isn’t easy, market stands are not necessarily well stocked, and fresh produce can be rather expensive. But the family has found its own cruising pace.  Coconuts, passion fruit, chayote fruit and barbecues on deck are cooked up in improvised recipes! 

of their journey

The end of their journey is drawing near, and the family will be heading for the Greater Antilles, the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Islands and white sand as far as the eye can see...