Summer Top

The perfect choice for style-conscious sailors looking for aesthetics and protection! 

The limited edition Summer Top, produced in a distinctive silver grey colour and deliverable in one week to many countries, is perfect for owners pushed for time.
  • Guaranteed coordination with other onboard equipment
  • 3 sizes available: size 3 & 4 in aluminium, (28 mm) and size 4 in stainless steel (25 mm)
  • Rear supports included with storage cover

Summer Top

The custom Summer Top, designed by you and for you in order to give it your own sense of style. 

You therefore define:
  • The colour of your fabric
  • The choice of hoops in several sizes
  • The optional inclusion of rear supports
  • A custom NV service: fabric pre-fitted on hoops
  • Delivery under standard manufacturing conditions

And what about

Whichever version you choose, you can be certain that our NV Summer Top meet the same manufacturing standards. 

The quality of the materials, attachments, stitching and assembly offer you the best reliability for your money.

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