Focus on the Troms region

Our ambassadors Valérie Viel and François Dupuis share their experience with us…

"Hello everyone!
We left our wintering port of Troms in the north of Norway on 2 May. We've since been sailing throughout the Troms region, and we'll still be here for another few weeks.  Our schedule for the summer is to navigate between the Lofoten Islands and the North Pole, with a one-month expedition planned for Svalbard/Spitzberg in July.
We wanted to share this magical voyage with you, since the scenery is so amazing! 
The snow's beginning to melt, but there's still plenty of it on the peaks and the first hiking paths.
The temperature has stayed between 0 and 5°C since we came back here in March, but in the last few days it has started to exceed 10°C! And with plenty of sunshine on the way, we should reach 15°C or more!
As for the days, the night has mostly disappeared, but the sun does go down for a few hours, and will do so until 22 May. Then we'll have the 'midnight sun' until 22 July..."

Talk to you again soon for the next stage of our adventures…


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