- Cybèle 17 in NORWAY -
Nordland - Beginning of Season 2019!

It’s already July! We’ve been sailing for 2 months now, taking it easy, just as planned. We left Bodø on the 5th of May, after a “final” dusting of snow the day before we set out! The weather was very mild in April, when we were... in France! No regrets, however, as this year we are sailing with covered protection… Since we set out, we have really enjoyed making use of our new “convertible”, sailing under cloudy skies with temperatures often below 10°. A friend of ours gave it this name, which we adopted, as we think it suits it well. 

Our cockpit enclosure enables us to make the most of our environment, whether we are out on the water, or on a stopover.

We have good visibility for raising the Mainsail from under the hood and can monitor all the sails from the helm without any difficulty. It is a real luxury! 

When the sun comes out, and we assure you that happens quite often, we have the option of closing the bimini blinds and/or opening the side “door” panels of our convertible. We still have to wear sun protection, even when under the cover, which proves how nice and light the “enclosed rear” area is.

We also manage port manoeuvres without any difficulty. For safety purposes we usually open one of the side doors, but if you know your boat well, the visibility is good enough. 
We may even cause a little envy…

Many of our neighbouring navigators tell us that their cockpit tent is unsuitable for sailing. Many don't like to leave them up, unlike the Norwegians who do so more readily. Pragmatism is a key concept in Norway...

We also eat our meals under the sprayhood. When it rains... and fortunately, also when the sun is out! 

A closer look at the last 2 months 

First we travelled up the coast north of Bodø, Steigen, Hammarøy, … with a wonderful view of the Lofoten Islands on the other side of the Vestfjord, still covered in snow.

Then we crossed the channel and even took a short detour to the northern coast of the Lofoten Islands with its gentle sloping landscape, unlike the steeper terrain of the southern coast. But the open seas and lack of shelter quickly brought us back into the interior. It was that time of year when the drying racks are full of drying fish.

We met some great people, like Edgar and his flock of sheep in Nordfolda - Steigen, who was looking for active retired volunteers from all over the world to come and lend him a hand in exchange for lodging and fish!

June was a very friendly and sociable month, meeting up with old and new sailing friends. 

We also had a short stay on dry land to clean up the hull. 

There are a lot of cruises and expeditions off the Salten Coast, the region around Bodø.

Beiarfjord and its exceptional panoramic views.

A trip in a RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) to Saltstraumen - one of the strongest currents in the world - with Stella Polaris, who welcomed me into her team, as a guide, all winter. 


And finally, our departure for the south.

Regrettably so, as we were amazed by the north of Norway and we already miss it.

But right now, we’re on the beautiful coast of Helgeland (which means land of happiness or luck) dotted with thousands of islands, stretching all the way to Brønnøysund, which is right in the middle of Norway, halfway between North Cape and Cape Lindesnes in the south. 

We then crossed the Arctic Circle again before returning to more southerly regions… We visited the archipelago of Vega, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its exceptional panoramic views and cultural traditions. The islanders there fulfil a unique role as guardians of the Eider migratory ducks that nest in Vega, and from which they collect down feathers, to make exceptionally good duvet covers! 

Just as planned, we are spending a lot of time on stopovers this year. We have discovered some superb moorings. When we were exploring the archipelagos and the multitude of small surrounding islands, sometimes we would moor up to a pontoon with just the 15m necessary for our boat, or a tiny harbour that has been accommodating boats for centuries... 

We also finally invested in a crab trap. Although the crab season hasn’t started yet (we managed to catch a few nonetheless), the whelks have taken to it! They complete our dishes of fish (cod or saithe), periwinkles, mussels and cockles! This has been a real gourmet cruise. 

The summer weather has not been the highlight of our trip. We often have sunny days, but generally it’s rather cool, except for a few hours of warmer summer weather from time to time. It doesn’t matter though; we didn’t come here for that. It’s been an amazing experience, wrapped up from head to toe! And luckily, we are comfortably sheltered! 

We still haven’t decided on our winter destination. We are still considering several possibilities. For the moment we are continuing our expedition to Trondheim, after which we will probably accelerate our progress to the South. 

We wish you all a lovely summer and happy sailing! 

If you want to follow our progress more closely, you can read our blog 
or join our Facebook group “les voyages de Cybèle” (Travelling with Cybèle). 

See you soon. 
François and Valérie on S/Y Cybèle 17 - 14th July 2019
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