Universal Sun Protection

The Bi-Sportline: one of the favourite protection products on board OPEN hull, rigid or semi-rigid boats. For leisure outings and fishing enthusiasts, this is the ideal protection! It offers absolute safety and comfort for the pilot: handrails, and a reassuring canopy. 

2 sizes available:

The Bi-Sportline fits to the width of your central console depending on the length of your boat:

Size 1: recommended for boats under 7 m
  • Roof dimension: 1930 x 1850 mm
  • Maximum gap between legs around the console: 1600 m
Size 2: recommended for boats of 7 to 9 m
  • Roof dimension: 1930 x 2025 mm
  • Maximum gap between feet around the console: 1750 mm

You will love: 

  • Its sporty stainless steel look (powder-coated aluminium coming soon)
  • Safety and comfort provided on board
  • Easy to assemble
  • Optional: double rod holder
  • Available in several colours 



We know how much the changing climate puts our products to the test! It calls for robust fabrics that withstand the harshest weather for maximum durability. 

For the Bi-Sportline, we have selected canvases from the Sunbrella SOURCE range.

A range that has been eco-designed for the nautical environment: 27% of the total weight of the canvas is comprised of recycled fibres. You may well ask about resistance... But in fact, the quality and strength of the canvas remain unchanged, on the contrary: the recycled fibres have been retwisted and are larger than traditional fibres. So the canvas is highly resistant to stretching and tearing, while at the same time having a very stylish textured look.

Result: your boat puts on a sporty look with an eco-friendly design!

The Story Behind this New Product
Your NV Expert Tells All...

“The idea for a rigid Bimini on open-hulled boats to protect just the pilot, started when we visited the Miami Boat Show in the United States at the start of 2000. The American market is a real source of inspiration! 
Over there, they don’t have Biminis with folding arches; all the open-hulled boats have rigid arches, with powder-coated aluminium tubes that are welded (in fact, they are far bigger than our ones), above the helm.... That’s where it started and this just confirmed our desire to fit this type of product to motorboats.

We launched our first SPORTLINE around 2004 with the help of a designer, to give it an American style but suited to European practices. The product was highly popular so we wanted to make it accessible to the owners of smaller boats (under 9m), by including the Stainless steel version in our Leisure and Multibrand range in 2019. 

The next step is for the autumn boat shows, when we will be marketing the Bi-Sportline, in a 7-9m aluminium version!”
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