How do I store my boat’s batteries over winter?

Depending on the type of batteries you use, whether conventional lead-based, or more advanced lead-calcium, gel or AGM, the procedure for recharging them is not the same.

Discover some useful tips to avoid any disappointment during your next outing at sea!

Useful advice for storing batteries over winter 

Batteries employing newer technology such as lead-calcium, gel or AGM have a much slower self-discharge: 2% per month compared to 10% for conventional batteries for which can be damaged by extended wintering.

It is therefore necessary to follow a few rules that will prolong their life and their effectiveness.

  • Make sure they have a good charge at the start by using a battery charger if possible.

  • Store your batteries in the cold. Contrary to popular belief, they will lose charge more slowly being stored in the cold than in heat during the winter.

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