Canvas renewal, before and after.

Your boat has a few years under its belt, it has never let you down on your trips out to sea,
but its external condition shows that it’s not as young as it used to be.

The windows are worn, potentially affecting your visibility. 
The canvas is shabby, with faded colours and damaged stitching…
Your safety could be at stake.

A simple change of canvas can give your boat a whole new look, as well as ensuring your comfort and safety on the water!

In this video, we explain all the advantages of NVequipment canvas renewal. Images are more effective than words, so take a look for yourself at the demonstration below. 
For the renewal of a wheelhouse enclosure on a Merry Fisher 580, replacing an original NV canvas with a very lively colour giving a the product a clean look, the owner has opted here for an “Aqua Marine” colour scheme.

An exclusive service and offer from NV

To customise your canvas, see all colours on our NV colour chart.
Contact your nearest retailer, who will offer you an exclusive service for the replacement of your original NV canvas. 

From 1 April to 15 May,
you can benefit from their in-store canvas renewal offer! 

Drop in to your nearest store to find out more.




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