Clara Dumard attempts a world-first crossing
of the Northwest Passage with NV

This summer, NV is proud to be supporting a young skipper from the Breton region of Crac’h, Clara Dumard, as she attempts to realise her dream of crossing the Northwest Passage from the Bering Strait to Baffin Bay in world-first conditions.

This will be the 24-year-old pharmacy student’s first try at traversing the Northwest Passage at the helm of her Sunfast 37. She will do it non-stop and unaided, but not completely alone – her father, Christian Dumard, will be with her. Christian, a former professional ocean racer, is a weather router and has expert knowledge of the Arctic’s regions.

The first explorer to travel the Northwest Passage in its entirety was Norwegian sailor Roald Amundsen back in 1906, but it has still never been crossed non-stop and unassisted.
By proving that it is possible to sail right across the Northwest Passage unaided, Clara is hoping to open the way for Arctic competitions so that she can set up a race right around the Northwest and Northeast Passages, which will be called “Round the Pole”.

She has also aligned her personal dream with all the hopes held by girls around the world, using her trip to support Plan International and its work for girls’ rights.

NV is making its contribution to this wonderful initiative with its expert equipment. Clara’s Sunfast 37’s roof sprayhood will be in red pepper, a new shade for 2018 that is perfect for intense sailing experiences, letting users navigate with comfort and ease while offering protection against whatever nature throws at them.
In 2015, the renowned sailor Guo Chuan successfully crossed the Northeast Passage in record time. Now, all sights are set for the Northwest in 2018. The Passage is open. We wish Clara the very best of luck for her journey.

You can follow her as she prepares and sets off for her expedition on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube: 

FACEBOOK    https://www.facebook.com/recordpassagedunordouest

INSTAGRAM   https://www.instagram.com/clara.vaimiti

YOUTUBE       https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL6mXIsB0E3dnOxNHlcvDUA

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