Optimizing our Packaging
​– ICAM in project mode for NV –

Not only our products, but also our packaging needs to be optimized. Our customer satisfaction and the quality of our service are important to us, and feedback from customers has encouraged us to find the right process and the most suitable and responsible packaging solutions, to ensure our products are protected in robust packaging. 

With this in mind, we have asked the ICAM engineering schoom to help us with this project and to identify solutions: this is an opportunity for these students to work on a concrete customer experience case.

Customer satisfaction in focus

After conducting a survey of our customers, weak packaging during transport was identified as one of the priority areas for improvement in our services. 

The goal: to improve our quality of service by delivering NV products in perfect condition. As NV has no control over transport conditions, our packaging must measure up to the quality of the product/service we provide: from the order to production, right up to delivery of the product to the manufacturer or retailer.

Study project for ICAM

To bring this project to fruition, NV formed a project group comprised of:
- A group of students from the ICAM engineering school in La Roche-sur-Yon
- NV team members
- A selection of French and foreign customers to survey their opinion, test several solutions and work on analyses and concrete solutions.

The group is currently working on a methodology to be put in place and identify areas for improvement, such as reducing the number of logistics intermediaries. NV appreciated the enthusiasm and energy of the engineering students. Their critical analysis will enable us to determine ways to improve our quality standards and at the same time respect the planet.

The solutions will be tested with a few clients to ensure their viability. Our packaging must be suitable for the volume of equipment, its weight, the variety of products, the far-off destinations and ensure that the customer experience is more positive. 

To be continued very soon... !

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