- BOAT SHOW 2020 -

The community of sailors from Florida and the surrounding area meets in Miami where the International Miami Boat Show, drops anchor every year. The 79th edition is held this year from February 13th to 17th, and the NV team is there to follow the American trends in boating, a gold mine of information since in the United States, motor boats of all kinds are kings (leisure, cruising, fishing...).

Miami is above all an American-style show that produces XXL and simply shakes up ways of thinking! A unique customer experience in which NV plunges to live an atypical boat show.

One trip = one dose of inspiration!

But how can a visit to this American show be useful for NV? For several reasons, including prolonging privileged relationships with export customers, making NVequipment better known beyond our borders, and understanding the expectations of American resellers towards a demanding local clientele.
But NV is also taking advantage of this visit to immerse itself in a culture of boats and accessories that is very different from the sailing practices in Europe. Miami more than any other boat show inspires NV on the trends of tomorrow, on future developments and on how to exhibit or even sell the products.

5 days in an atypical setting

It is on an exotic note that the NV team is living these 5 days at the Marine Stadium Park & Basin as a visitor: the authentic buildings in the background of the landscape surrounding the boat show, the heat (and yes we are approaching 30°C there in this period!), and the breathtaking out of the ordinary boats. Miami is the great gathering of all the world's motor boat brands in all its forms. European brands are present to compete with the US brands widely represented at this show.

It's a blast in Miami!

Nearly 1400 boats are exhibited in a remarkable setting, where the public can admire the detailed finishes of the boats, which sometimes turn them into works of art. For the colour stands out without complex and with force: from vermilion red, to lacquered burgundy, fluorescent orange, lagoon blue, aniseed green, the varnishes are carefully finished and the leather interiors are in harmony. 
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