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The International Multihull Boat Show took place at La Grande Motte (Hérault) from 18 to 22 April 2018. This is a hugely popular get-together among yachting enthusiasts and all those with a passion for the sea, particularly foreign visitors, who accounted for 50% of the crowd in attendance.

The event included a wide selection of boats on display, featuring the biggest brands in the world, from catamarans to trimarans, both sail and motor-driven, offering ever more spacious and luxurious lounges and cabins, and providing a real visual treat for the 15,000 visitors.

As in previous years, the NV team took the opportunity to meet its foreign customers at this international show. The event provides an ideal occasion to discuss the season and strengthen our ties, which are long-standing in many cases.

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For this 9th edition of the show, a striking new arrival was the Green Yachting brand, which chose La Grande Motte as the venue for its very first exhibition, presenting its ecological and innovative solutions for boats. 

Their ambition is to  reduce the onboard energy footprint through the use of solar-powered equipment, giving the benefit of permanent hot water and reducing fuel consumption. Great initiatives both for the good of the environment and for sailing comfort.
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