- Ambassador's tale -

Family sailing with Véronique Durand
on a Cruiser Océanis 38.1

We are delighted to be able to share with you the nautical adventures of our newest ambassador, who travels the coasts of Brittany with her family and friends on an Océanis 38.1 Cruiser. As you will see, a journey which starts in some !

"The ship is in the harbour at Le Crouesty. The Gulf, Houat, Hoedic or Belle-Île are our favourite mooring spots.

We go sailing whenever we can, as a family with our 2 children (who are adults, but we've been sailing with them since they were kids). And that's really nice!!!

One anecdote at the start of our holidays, was a huge storm on Saturday 15th August that came on suddenly around 8 pm while we were anchored on a buoy at L'île aux Moines. Quite impressive with buckets of rain and gusts of over 45 knots! We had to be very quick, put on our waterproofs and lifejackets, tie a double mooring line to the buoy, and check that everything was properly attached. And then wait until it calmed down .... At that point we hadn’t even had time to close the bimini. We were treated to another thunderstorm at 1am in the middle of the night.

The brand new NV bimini installed the previous week didn’t move an inch. Everything finally calmed down at dawn!!! We have already experienced several violent storms, especially in Croatia, two years ago, where the famous “Bora” wind is well known...

Now we’re taking a few days to sail around Belle Île. We'll probably head to Groix and the Glénans next week if the weather allows.”

Tune in for the next episode ...
Véronique, Jean-Jacques and co :)
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