Hop on board with NV ambassador Olivier Duboc,
on his Lagoon 380

A passion for the sea
and wind

After enjoying many years of funboarding, Olivier Duboc then turned his attention to sailing on engine-powered boats, both open and habitable, around Brittany and Corsica.

For the last three years he has been sailing a Lagoon 380 catamaran based at La Trinité (the smallest of the Lagoon family, but still quite spacious). While he may have lost a little speed compared to engine-powered models, the silence and interaction with the sea and wind are wonderful.

This feeling of freedom and space perfectly matches his way of thinking, and it’s no coincidence that “on dry land” our sailor is an independent consultant taking on  inherent professional risks. Having been trained by several skippers with a real passion for sailing, he can now take charge all by himself, setting sail with a partner or with a crew.

Sailing, a family affair 

The size of the boat and its fine equipment (including NV products!) enable fast and comfortable sailing, with plenty of space on board.

This offers unforgettable moments with family or friends. While some prefer to learn about manoeuvring, cartography or weather conditions, others are keen to discover the creeks of Belle-Ile or go diving and explore the underwater world.

Voyages of discovery

Even if the wind is always in charge, the catamaran enables endless discovery of new sailing and mooring locations. The low draft makes incredible places accessible… while never forgetting the tidal range and the right chain length!

Olivier always keeps one thing in mind:
Nature, and the sea and wind in particular, must be treated with respect and demand humility and caution at all times. A single boot caught in the propeller, even in calm weather, can quickly turn a pleasant outing into a dangerous situation.
And whether with family or friends, sailing brings out people’s true character.
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