Cybèle 17 in confinement
after a nomadic winter

​Hello everyone!

We had planned to meet you a few weeks after our last article, but the winter months have flown by! From port to port, from family reunions to reunions with friends, Cybèle has been home to us and has led us to the Ile de Ré for confinement in almost total isolation, after a busy social life! We weren't used to it anymore. Our decision to return to winter in France was an excellent one, especially with the unfortunate situation we are in now, we are better off here than in Norway, which would not have let us stay... 

So, throughout the autumn and winter, we sailed from Roscoff to Brest for a first month of stopover, 

then to Bénodet for a second month, 


before heading to Vannes for January and February, stopping off in Lorient to spend Christmas with the family. 

We always managed to find a weather window - sometimes short - to cross the few miles between each stopover without any problems. And the Raz de Sein lived up to its reputation, although we were able to spend the night enjoying a very short lull of a few well-calculated hours. 

These winter navigations have enabled us to admire the beautiful winter colours and atmospheres ... But not only that... 

​Bad weather has been very present this
year, especially the rain! We've all seen it everywhere, and Brittany did not disappoint... We weren't expecting anything else, and we made our decision with full knowledge of the weather. But we also knew that this time we were particularly well protected with our complete cockpit enclosure. 

It has sheltered us in all weathers and all winds. We regularly had visits from our grandchildren during their holidays, and each time we were able to benefit from an extra room. I work in it regularly. I should point out that we have no heating in the enclosure, but the heating in the saloon rises a little, and above all, the enclosure shelters us. From the first ray of sunshine, sheltered from the wind, we're cosy and warm. 

Sometimes a blanket and a good fleece are needed to enjoy it until the cooler hours of the evening. Ok, so not in winter time ;-) !

What about our sailing? Well, as you can see, we were very happy to sail under cover, especially when sailing as a family. From Vannes to the Ile d'Yeu, our equipment allowed us to welcome our youngest crew member, safely and comfortably, to the delight of Grandfather Captain and all of us!

​Throughout the winter we have been in close contact with the teams at NV, which we had the pleasure of joining at the boat shows in Amsterdam, Paris and Düsseldorf, and each time to testify about our experience. 
Early March, just in time! We made an appointment with them, this time in their premises! We stopped for a week in St Gilles Croix-de-Vie.
The teams working directly on our test product came to see the excellent condition it was in after 10 months of intensive sailing and use. 
The production teams also came - sometimes with their families - to discover the product in situ. For many of them, it was an opportunity to discover the end result of their daily work. 
A great atmosphere full of smiles and thanks that strengthened our pleasure of sharing this beautiful adventure with them. 

What happens next, we all know unfortunately. Like everyone else, we're confined. 
We were just able to choose our last stopover to avoid a big city and its concentrated population. We discovered the new port of Ars-en-Ré, 500 m from the edge of a pretty village and its few shops.

We still communicate a lot via Internet, the only link with family and friends for the 8 years we have been leading this nomadic life. 
We are not making any medium or long term plans. We will probably have to revise our sailing plans for next season, if at all possible. 
But the overriding rule at sea is flexibility! So we'll adapt again... 

Thank you for following us, reading our stories and travelling with us.
As always you can follow us if you wish, read our blog: www.les-voyages-de-cybele.blogspot.fr

or join our eponymous private group on Facebook with the reason for your request. 
See you soon! 
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