NV and the whole French sailing sector
are ready and willing to prepare a return to business

Faced with the uncertainty of the Covid-19 health and economic crisis, the 5,000 companies in the French nautical sector, representing 42,000 direct jobs and almost 100,000 indirect jobs, members of the FIN (Federation of Nautical Industries), are calling for unity, solidarity and responsibility to preserve businesses and jobs and prepare a return to normal.

Commitment No. 1: Unity

Maintain unity in the sector by ensuring a sustainable relationship with the ecosystem.

Boat builders, equipment and engine manufacturers, traders, maintenance and service business, watersports and nature professions such as yachting, maritime and river fleet rental businesses: all of our professions are interconnected. Our whole economic chain is currently in a weakened position. We need to prepare our future and a return to business as usual today, while at the same time preserving the links in our ecosystem.

Preparing a return to normal business is an immense challenge which has already begun. Our resilience in facing this challenge depends on the robustness of the companies in our sector.

Commitment No. 2: Solidarity

Respect contractual relations and obligations, consider each contact as a long-term partner.

While making the most of governmental measures taken to protect French busineses from the impact of the stoppage, we need to go further in ensuring that this period does not mark a decline in our contractual relations. On the contrary, it is the very time to strengthen them.

All customers, suppliers, subcontractors and clients must work to strengthen their partnerships and contractual relations, in particular ensuring bills are paid on time and service is continued.

Commitment No. 3: Responsibility

Preserve employees’ health, by making available protection and implementing the necessary measures against Covid-19.

Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility. By preserving our health, we preserve what drives our business. This is not only obvious, but essential.
The sector is committed to providing the necessary resources to protect employees in all companies.
Protect them by respecting shielding and social distancing rules, but also avoid as much as possible exposure to risk by regularly assessing those risks in line with government recommendations and taking all necessary precautions to protect employees who are exposed.
Protect them by making everyone responsible for their own protection and that of their colleagues impacted by their work.

In this uncertain climate, our collective implication and ethics will help to strengthen and bring value to our entire sector.
​By showing unity, solidarity and responsibility, we will multiply our collective chances of meeting the challenges we are facing.

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