for Lolito’s journey

The adventure of the Bidaine family, who set off to tour the Atlantic onboard a Feeling 416 equipped with an NVequipment hood, came to an end a few weeks ago when they made it back to the Breton coast!
Let’s look at a few figures for this extraordinary expedition...

- 12,000 MILES -
around the Atlantic

337 days, that’s how long it took the family to complete this tour of the Atlantic, covering a total of 11,763.7 nautical miles!

This included 2 months, 20 days and 14 hours of sailing on the high seas or along the coast, and 257 days in mooring.

“The statistics also tell us that we sailed with a maximum of 43 knots of wind (79 km/h), which is very reasonable. On the other hand, our ‘fighter jet’ Lolito set its personal speed record in a surf between the Canaries and Cape Verde at 16.6 knots or 30 km/h (the world record is 59.37 kn… we’re quite far off!),” recalls Damien.

is for sale !

Are you an adventurous type too, with an ambition to sail around the world? Well Lolito, a Feeling 416, is for sale!

“A good boat perfect for sailing in any wind, as well as mooring and relaxing with an aperitif! A fast and comfortable cruiser, she was our pride and joy for a whole year,” explains Damien, the current owner of this 1991 ‘all-terrain’ cruiser.

If you’re interested, feel free to contact him.

photos: ©damienbidaine

If you want to relive the family’s adventures, the whole journey can be seen on their blog: https://untoursurlo.wordpress.com/
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