NVEQUIPMENT: an SME immersed in the future industry concept

Within the framework of a global future industry plan, NV organised a digital tools awareness-raising day on the Smart Factory Techno Campus in Montoir-de-Bretagne. 

NVEQUIPMENT: an SME immersed in the

Around twenty people were invited from all departments, including a hoop operator, a canvas operator, production and HR staff, a sales assistant, a French sales agent, a designer, a project manager, as well as employees from product development, accounts, finance, marketing and IT.

The Techno Campus has a number of different rooms, equipped with cutting-edge facilities, which enabled all participants to experience genuine professional applications and uses harnessing digital technology. 


Supported by experts in virtual and augmented reality technologies and industrial applications, this awareness-raising programme was designed to provide a better understanding of the impacts of digital transition in NVequipment’s current organisation.

This future industry concept concerns all of us. It will change our practices and perceptions, and will improve our daily lives, which are currently disrupted by counter flows of all kinds. 

An overview of the concepts of digital tools was offered by way of introduction, in order to explain the differences between the tools and their uses. This allowed us to understand the advantages of digital tools, with hands-on demonstrations immersing us in digital technology. 


The use of virtual reality, thanks to concrete examples of its deployment within companies, allowed us to grasp the real gains at human level: accident prevention, ergonomics, prototyping, project review, simulation, training, marketing and communications. 

The professional uses of augmented reality, designed to add another dimension to the real world, also provide everyday assistance to operators and in various functions: operations, production, control, maintenance, training, logistics, marketing and communications.


As a group, we were able to take stock of various areas in which digital technology will give NV a competitive advantage. We all came to appreciate how consideration of other people’s needs will be assured through transversal dialogue. Transversality will be essential in order to grow, innovate and save considerable time. The objective is to optimise the skills and value of the women and men who are such a valuable asset for NVequipment.

The digital project is underpinned by complementarity with the organisational transformation currently in progress at NVequipment. Two other projects are underway: implementation of the new quality process standard and the IS project are intricately linked to the future industry concept.
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