The NV Autumn Special Offers are back

Outings are rare, your boat is at rest, autumn is the ideal time to consider a total or partial refit of your cockpit before the next season!
Are your covers tired, and your windows worn? Do you want to fit out your cockpit, protect your onboard equipment? 

Visibility | Comfort | Safety on board

•GOOD VISIBILITY, essential for safe sailing.
Signs of wear: Wear will cause your windows to gradually become tarnished and opaque over time.

•    OPTIMAL PROTECTION, for you and your equipment.
Signs of wear: Due to repeated exposure, your canvas may be tired, loose or not holding well. 

•    A NEW STYLE ON BOARD, a second life for your boat.
Give your boat a new colour scheme and a second youth.

To avail of the exclusive NV canvas replacement service, contact your NV retailer. You will need to provide your product’s order number, your boat’s serial number, the traceability number of your canvas printed on the label of your NV canvas (+ photo)


Durability | Boat Maintenance

Head into the winter season with peace of mind, by protecting your boat from harsh weather. If your boat remains outside, there are suitable protections to ensure your equipment lasts but also to protect it everyday from dirt at the quayside. NV has designed covers and awnings to fit your boat model: console cover, seat cover, table cover, etc. Please contact your retailer for advice.

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