take pride of place
this season

The high season is fast approaching... For your onboard comfort, NVequipment offers you two versions of the Summer Top, for complete protection on all your trips!


Did you know that NVequipment was the first manufacturer to develop Bimini tops
for owners of motor boats under 9 m?
Protecting people onboard during trips out to sea on sunny days is now an essential requirement. 
The Summer Top developed by NV provide generous fabric cover onboard
to protect your family and friends on all your trips.

- A Summer Top
for every need -

For two seasons already, NVequipment has been offering Summer Top in two versions, with the key objective of satisfying every owner profile, whether practical pragmatists or style-conscious sailors!

The limited edition Summer Top, produced in a distinctive silver grey colour and deliverable in one week to many countries, is perfect for owners pushed for time.
  • Guaranteed coordination with other onboard equipment
  • 3 sizes available: size 3 & 4 in aluminium, (28 mm) and size 4 in stainless steel (25 mm)
  • Rear supports included with storage cover

The custom Summer Top,
designed by you and for you in order to give it your own sense of style. 
You therefore define:
  • The colour of your fabric
  • The choice of hoops in several sizes
  • The optional inclusion of rear supports
  • A custom NV service: fabric pre-fitted on hoops
  • Delivery under standard manufacturing conditions

The custom Summer Top reflects your own style, 
like all NV products which offer a choice of colours.

- TWO VERSIONS - Identical quality

Whichever version you choose, you can be certain that our NV Summer Top meet the same manufacturing standards.

The quality of the materials, attachments, stitching and assembly offer you the best reliability for your money:
  • the attachment parts are universal,
  • the surface of the fabric and its sailing specifications are identical,
  • the shape of the Bimini strictly follows the same design,
  • the storage cover is included for all Summer Top, allowing you to prevent the fabric flapping in the wind during sailing or mooring.

- THE LITTLE TOUCHES -  which make all the difference

What are the rear supports for? Do you know? They are…
  • Useful: the rear supports included in the Limited Edition version allow you to leave your Summer Top in position on your boat.

  • Clever: they hold the hoops and fabric in place, whether in open or closed position.

  • Smart: they hold the Summer Top in vertical position, free up the quarter deck when the Summer Top is closed, and the supports can be used as a hand rail during sailing.

  • Practical: they allow the fabric to fold up naturally into its storage cover

Whether you choose the limited edition or the custom version,
taking good care of your Summer Top will extend its lifespan.
See our maintenance tips here

Not sure which Summer Top is most suitable for your boat?
Ask your retailer for advice. They will be happy to answer all your questions.

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