From 24th of May to 15th of June 2020
Make the most of this SPECIAL OFFER*
Replacement covers from your retailer for your yacht or motorboat.

*Offer subject to conditions - at all participating retailers.

It's not just a question of aesthetics!

When you own a boat, you may be looking for a new style or an atmosphere that resembles more your wishes. But outdoor protection is not just there to dress your boat; a worn or aging canvas may affect your safety.
  • Worn canvas: repeated exposure to the weather (sun, rain, wind, etc.) or atmospheric pollution, accelerates the aging process. Tension is less effective and the canvas may start to sag. Your comfort on board is no longer ensured.
  • Tired windows: beware of the first warning signs, a window that loses transparency and over time gradually becomes opaque. Visibility at sea is made difficult or even impossible. Well maintained, NV windows can last on average up to 4 or 5 years. 
NV canvases are mostly designed and assembled using Sunbrella+ fabrics, to guarantee optimal quality and resistance.

Dare to be modern

Replacing your canvas is also an opportunity to give your boat a new look. NVequipment offers a range of 30 colours to choose from. There are plenty of colour combinations available from your retailer or on our website: discover our online colour chart.

We place great importance on the harmony between the main canvas and all its associated components (straps, zips, etc.) to ensure you hget the best aesthetic finish for your outdoor protective covers. 

The secret to a long-lasting cover? Maintain your canvases!

NVequipment canvases last on average 5 to 8 years, and may depend on several factors (exposure of your boat, latitude, frequency of excursions, etc.). After each outing at sea, take the time to maintain your equipment; check the tension on your covers and rinse them with freshwater. Our page explaining how to maintain your outdoor protective covers provides plenty of tips and advice on how to prolong the life of your equipment.  

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