About our ambassador Clara Dumard

Clara Dumard is a passionate sailor with a big heart. We want to support her on her “Girls' Rights” campaign.

In a previous article, we introduced you to her 2019 challenge:  
to cross from the Northwest Passage to the Arctic with her father without assistance, using only her sailboat. 
It's a dream she shares with her father.
What you may not know is that Clara wanted to dedicate her challenge to girls’ rights.
This event is being carried out through the NGO Plan International France, which works to ensure that every girl has access to education and becomes a fully independent woman in the future. 

We are profoundly moved by her determination, her generous spirit, her commitment to activism and her passion for sailing. That is why we also wanted to contribute to her wonderful actions and launch an online fundraising campaign for the NGO Plan International France via a Facebook post:
Each time the post about the charity project receives a like, the foundation will be able to collect €1 for its “Girls' Rights” campaign.
And 10 Euros are enough to fund a school kit for one child (backpack, pens, a calculator).

So go ahead and like the post (and our page too while you're at it) and share it with everyone you know! 
Thank you in advance for helping us spread the message far and wide.

Why support girls' rights?


Throughout the world, and especially in developing countries, girls continue to be the primary target of inequality, discrimination, exclusion and abuse. Unequal rights which lead to lack of education, exploitation, forced marriages and early pregnancy, among other things, keep them from leaving poverty behind and becoming women in their own right.

Why we chose this NGO

Do you know Plan International France?

“Plan International France is an NGO that works on an international scale to protect the rights of children—and of girls in particular—through programmes in over 56 developing countries in Africa, South America and Asia.” 

Learn more: https://www.plan-international.fr

In Clara's words:

"I am proud to partner with the NGO Plan International France for my “Girls' Rights” charity project. I consider it a great honour.

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