for summer

Spring is already here!

It’s time to think about carrying out a few checks on your boat so that you can enjoy your outings in complete peace of mind.


Summer is just around the corner and the urge to take to the water and devote yourself to your favourite pastime is growing by the day! But before rushing off to set sail, it’s important to fully prepare your boat, because even after careful wintering it will need a number of checks.


Everything must be clean and thoroughly inspected to ensure your boat is in good condition, including the deck, the hull, the rigging (standing and running), the sails, etc. Look out for any cracks or dents on major parts.

Water tanks and blackwater containers must be rinsed, and you should also consider inspecting your water circuit.

Check that your Outdoor protections are taut and clean.

For regular maintenance of your Outdoor protections, refer to our tips and advice here.


Check the good condition of parts which are regularly subjected to significant impact, such as the winches, cleats, chain plates, deck hatch, and the whole steering mechanism (tiller, wheel, steering wheel).

If you haven’t wintered your batteries, you will need to check their charge level and condition after recharging them, and ensure that they do not lose power too quickly. This will also enable you to check all your electronic equipment. 

Start the engine and let it run to ensure that it is working properly. It is possible that the cutlass bearings may have become empty during the winter, so consider pressing the bellows to refill them.

of safety equipment

All safety equipment, including your raft, flares, life jackets, fire extinguishers, gas pipe, etc., must be inspected, and must still be valid to ensure that they work correctly.

Finally, make sure all your administrative documents are in order for sailing (licence, insurance, navigation chart, etc.).

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