For longer-lasting equipment

Because we all understand the harsh conditions to which our products are subjected, we have developed a range of spare parts perfectly suited to the original products.

​This after-sales service is available from authorised NV retailers.
They have a catalogue containing a selection of NV spare parts: clips, snap fasteners, stainless steel ball joints, plates, collars, ratchets and much more! They will order any parts you need (subject to availability).

Replace part of a part

It's also possible!

In some cases, it is better to replace product sub-assemblies to keep them working correctly and avoid altering the original design of the boat.

That is why NV has selected product parts enabling you to replace just the defective parts. Ask your retailer for advice.

Outdoor Protections

An eco-friendly approach

For us, it is important to strengthen our eco-responsible approach at all stages of the product's life cycle.
Our desire is to offer boat owners durable and repairable products:
  • Repairs under warranty
  • Repairs outside warranty based on a quote after technical assessment
  • Replacement of a product sub-assembly
  • Replacement of a part or component from your retailer
  • Replacement canvas, windows and attachment kits included, valid only on NV original products
If your outdoor protection is an original NV protection and is damaged, just contact your usual retailer who will guide you to the best repair solution.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR EQUIPMENTS, for safe navigation. 

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