Sun Awning and Side Covers

We have the ideal combination if you want to make the most of your boat during summer and winter. Discover this Merry Fisher 10.95 with its sun awning and side covers. Your cockpit becomes a comfortable room, sheltered from seaspray and sunlight.

Everything has been designed especially for your Merry Fisher 10.95: the sun awning is fitted with zips to attach the side covers, which can be rolled back, allowing easy passage of the engines. With these NV covers, your cockpit is transformed into a comfortable room!


​the extra touch of comfort!

And for full protection from the sun even on the side, add a pair of our new Dickson Sunbrella Sunworker openwork canvas sunshades. Intimacy preserved, with beautiful luminosity on board. You can rest, read a good book or share a meal with your loved ones away from prying eyes.

Find out more at your nearest NV dealer.

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