Enjoy a moment's rest, read a book, or share a meal with friends and family in the cockpit... without worrying about the harmful effects of the sun. The new NV sunshade is an essential ally to help you live your leisure time to the fullest, while benefiting from beautiful light on board thanks to its openwork canvas.
Product advantages
  • 2 colours available, Natural & Charcoal Sunbrella Sunworker
  • Easy to install, with the Plug & Play system
  • Universal, adapts to all types of boat

Attachment - Style - Strength
Everything to please! 

The NV sunshade can be attached wherever you want, on all types of sail and motorboat sun protection: sun canopy, Summertop, Bi-Sportline, Biminitop, ... It has a canvas grip system with a knurled wheel and eyelet for free attachment. 

New: DICKSON’s MARINE SUNWORKER® openwork canvas, by the makers of Sunbrella, protects against UV rays while ensuring great transparency, allowing only vision towards the outside. A high-resistance canvas that throws back 95% of the sun’s heat and ensures optimal comfort in your boat cockpit.

Cleaning tip: it rolls up completely for easy storage. Remember to rinse regularly with clean water, and store it dry in the bag provided, to protect it from wear and tear over time.

How this product was designed
Our NV Expert explains...

“The 1st version of our Sunshade, developed in 2005, was already designed for boaters, but in a more complex way than the current version. We wanted to refresh the Accessories range, and above all rethink the product. This led us to take up the challenge of making this product less complicated, more universal and perfectly modular, to make it easier to use.

All the materials have changed considerably, in particular the new generation of Dickson SUNWORKER openwork canvas, which offers extremely effective technical properties against UV rays. Its even texture and micro-perforated appearance ensure transparency that filters light and heat from the sun. Equipment suffers the weather differently depending on the zone. 

The design for the sunshade began in our Design Office, which developed a first version. The product was then tested under real conditions of use on the boats of our NV Ambassadors, to be improved if necessary, and approved for official launch. 

Developing this sunshade was a real team effort. Close collaboration with our technical teams who design products based on customer feedback and the functional expectations expressed by the Marketing team. Discussions take place at all stages of the project, to guarantee our customers a high quality product.”
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