- Two trade show in Miami make a spash -  

A real sense of excitement generated by new offers, with the emphasis on performance: souped-up motors, XXL open hulls, boat equipment ranging from the slightly unnecessary to the really useful, muscle-bound design… 

The Miami Boat Show and the Miami Yacht Show

Two major stages were set up to welcome the most highly regarded international boat brands. Marine Stadium and the Yachts Show.
We were there, and we’d like to give you a rundown of some of the trends we noted.
People sometimes mix up these two Boat Shows in Miami, which this year took place at the same time, from 15 to 19 February 2018, on two different sites.  

The Miami Boat Show always attracts plenty of European interest, with lots of new developments in fishing-oriented boats. But the French bring unique styles and have a different approach to the Americans, who sail in family groups on lakes and bays close to the coast. Their attraction is now based on different criteria. Few sailing boats are seen in Miami, where the motor boat is king. They have a larger presence at the Boat Show in Annapolis, on the east coast near Washington.

Prestigious yachts are the stars another event, the Miami Yachts Show. Since 2017 this event has been organised separately from the boat show and admission is no longer free. Attracting fewer, but more dedicated visitors, according to the professionals. All brands of exclusively motor-powered yachts were represented, with the leaders in each category welcoming visitors to their large stands.

- THE BOAT SHOW 2018 -

Equipment standardisation, colour customisation, larger motor specifications, and increasingly stylish designs

This 77th edition unveiled a number of new developments along the aisles and jetties.
  • High demand in terms of accessories and equipment, fitted as standard on boats.

  • A strong presence of outboard boats (rigid or semi-rigid open hulls, longboats, cabin cruisers, etc.).

  • Greater outboard motor power in the Leisure sector: increasing power levels: 2*300CV to 4*350.

  • Colour customisation is all the rage: Harmonisation seems to be becoming standard, rather than only available as of a particular model.

  • Stainless steel or aluminium tubing, with an improved finish, together with a certain level of standardisation (by piping modules).
Harmonised motor cowls 


Roof colour harmonised to the boat

The Miami Yacht Show 2018

The yacht and large yacht market exhibited at Miami reflects all the best brands, those with an international presence and fans among rich owners: French, Italian, English and Dutch builders are proud to take their place alongside the US builders. The large fishing boats are as impressive as ever.


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