Sailors visit NVequipment

After François and Valérie on Cybèle 17, our atypical couple, Jean Luc Van Den Heede and Lionel Régnier
paid a visit to the NVequipment workshop.

Our team warmly welcomed them on 7 February in Saint Gilles Croix de Vie. We were proud to see two sailors with such impressive backgrounds in our company! They greeted those present and we all enjoyed getting to know them better, especially Jean Luc, since Lionel has been a partner of ours since OSTAR 2005. At that time, we had kept in close contact with his team via telephone in the middle of the race. Some still remember this... 

- Designing -
"sur-mesure" products to meet their expectations

Jean Luc and Lionel have long been familiar with our know-how through the practice of their profession as skippers. Extensive users of the latest and most technically-suitable equipment obtained from the best specialists, their demands are adjusted to their expectations.
The objective being to review their preparation, to thoroughly understand their needs in order to plan ahead of time and be ready at their sides. Some products were designed for them specifically and were tested in their preparation phase.

- NV’s know-how -

In spite of being well versed with spray-protection products, rope bags or mast step bags, and other specific products designed for offshore racing, they took great interest in seeing the workshops. We were also able to discuss problems related to the disappearance of manual professions, since these are fundamental in sailing.

The Golden Race,
-coming soon in 2018!-

We will be keeping track of Jean-Luc at the start of the legendary Golden Race next July in Sables d’Olonne, thanks to his associate Lionel who will keep us updated with the highlights from this race! Jean Luc is very happy to participate, to be at the start line and hopes to finish it right to the very end, as the model competitor that he has always proved to be during these events.

- Golden -

We met with some daunting skippers whose off-the-beaten-path careers inspire awe. With their never-ending curiosity and ready smiles, they are simply amazing human beings.
In short, the exceptional qualities they possess are not those that we come across every day. We at NV are proud to call them our ambassadors.
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