Set sail with your family and/or friends for a day, a weekend or a week... that’s what you love to do!
​Stopping out on the open sea for lunch, chatting to your loved ones, relaxing and getting away from it all, this is why you’re so passionate about sailing.

NVequipment has developed a special range for your comfort and protection, allowing you to fully enjoy all your excursions. Jean-Michel, Daniel and Laurence will tell you about their experience and how useful their Outdoor covers are on a daily basis.

the thrill of cruising

DANIEL & LAURENCE, 52 and 49 years old, owners of a beautiful 12m motor boat, have been amateur sailing for 6 years, and always bring their children with them.

"With its sporty look, we wanted comfort and style. As soon as we bought our cruiser, we added our own personal touch to it to make the most of our boat. Thanks to the boat's sprayhood, seaspray and wind can't get in making the cockpit much more comfortable. Laurence chose a colour for the canvas that matched the upholstery, bringing a little touch of atmosphere and style which is just what we wanted. And in summer, protected from the sun under our bimini top, we can have lunch comfortably in the cockpit... our kids love it!"

shared moments

JEAN-MICHEL, 68 YEARS OLD, owner of a superb -49' mono-hull, with 622 excursions to his name.

"I couldn’t imagine sailing unless it was fun.​ I’m not a fan of seaspray, cold or sunburn... Boating is all about pleasure, enjoying the sea with family and friends. It’s amazing how much you appreciate the cover and protection of the hood or cockpit cover. And under the sun, the biminitop offers shade and protection from the UV rays. In my family, we burn very quickly, with our fair skin. I don’t know how we managed before we got our NV boat covers!"


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