Head for the creeks, Porquerolles or St Tropez in no time, enjoy open-air living with your friends out on the Mediterranean, allow each of your guests to do their own thing.... If you like sailing for fun and pleasure, this unique style of cruising is just right for you!

NVequipment brings you a touch of elegance, comfort and optimal protection, allowing you to fully enjoy every minute of your trip. Yves, Charles and Frédérique can vouch for this, and will tell you all about their experiences in terms of outdoor protection.

Distinct style, the right look

YVES, 70 years old, owner of a 60' yacht,
Dreamed of this for 20 years, and now savours every moment.

"I’m one of those who like to sail long and far. When you go on long trips, you have to know how to maintain a certain lifestyle onboard, and find equipment able to offer a good quality of life, without sacrificing the elegant appearance of the boat, or its performance, such as my NV bimini top for yachts. I would never have allowed my 60' to lose its beautiful appearance: that’s a point of principle!"

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Cosy and classy

CHARLES AND FRÉDÉRIQUE, 69 and 66 years old, owners of a 50' motor yacht.
Pleased with the elegance of NV boat covers.

"Every detail counts. If you’re going to treat yourself to a motor yacht you have to go all the way. Comfortable sailing is vital, of course, so we need outdoor covers that can meet our demands. My retailer recommended NV’s quality and range of different covers, and all the touches which make it possible to liveat sea in style . My wife loved the choice of colours and appreciates the cosy feel which NV protective covers give us."

Consult our technical data sheets


Enter your boat’s model number into our configurator,
and find all the covers specifically suited to your boat (Spray - Sun - Cold - Mooring - Comfort).
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