Going on a long trip will make your dreams come true. Show your children the big blue, enjoy time together as a couple or with friends, discover extraordinary continents and scenery... You are an adventurous spirit, and this is what motivates you from day to day. You dream about these long trips, spend time preparing for them, and love every minute!

NVequipment supports you for long trips, offering you outdoor covers suited to your needs and constraints. Philippe and John share their experiences with you and explain their choice of outdoor covers for long trips.

for one and all

JOHN, 45 years old, owner of a -49' multi-hull.
Has spent lots of time on catamaran trips since the age of two.

"Fan of travel and space... The multi-hull is just extraordinary. We really experience the sea. Well equipped with our sun covers, the fly bi and cushions, essential for relaxation, we get to enjoy comfort, safety onboard, and the pleasure of sailing. Our friends love the stopovers and trips out to sea. Personally, what I find magical, is to see their eyes light up every time we go on an excursion. "

 You only live once 

PHILIPPE, 63 years old, owner of a motor catamaran.
A sailor who took early retirement, deciding to make the most of life.

"I worked hard all my life, and my wife and children hardly ever saw me, so the time came when I wanted to enjoy life with them. I wanted a catamaran that was easy to manoeuvre, to explore the coastline or go on long trips. How our boat looks is very important to us, and NV’s outdoor covers gave our motor catamaran a touch of elegance and customisation that we really like. We had previously replaced covers which were worn through use and age, and it was a simple, fast process with our dealer. For us, it’s important that our boat is always in tip-top condition!"


Enter your boat’s model number into our configurator,
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