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Portrait of a real enthusiast

Among sailors and all who have met him, Lionel is known as a competitive, meticulous, thoughtful, experienced, and personally reliable man, who always brings real commitment to whatever he does. 

Since 2000, he has chosen to take part in the biggest races on a variety of yachts. Having registered and been selected for the famous Golden Race 2018, he summed up this new project as follows: "This event is a back-to-basics exercise: a boat, a sailor, and the sea. As well as a concept which has been forgotten for many years... endurance, since performance in this race won’t depend on speed but on regularity."

However, after buying his boat, and while getting to grips with it, he threw in the towel. This was surely the most difficult decision to take for a passionate skipper such as Lionel. It was during a particularly gruelling sea trial that he realised he had to make a judgement call.

Highly committed to helping others, we are particularly impressed by Lionel’s firm and long-running dedication to a child support charity ”Courir pour des sourires” (“Racing for smiles”).

A man with a big heart and a fine set of values, who NV is proud to have as an ambassador.

A background as a skipper, a maritime expert, a boat preparation manager, and a trainer

Lionel Régnier may be largely unknown outside the sailing world,

but his record speaks for itself:
  • Winner of the OSTAR Race 2005
  • Route du Rhum 2014 and 2006
  • Les Sables-Horta-Les Sables 2011-2009-2007
  • La Solidaire du Chocolat 2009
  • Quebec-St Malo 2008
  • Jacques Vabre trans-Atlantic race 2013 and 2007
  • Skippers d’Islande 2003 and 2006
  • Quebec-Halifax-Les Sables 2000
  • 3 6.50 m trans-Atlantic trips • 13 trans-Atlantic races 
He is one of 7 French entrants in the Golden Globe Challenge.  He decided to withdraw and to assist his old friend, Jean-Luc Van Den Heede, known as VDH, allowing him to retain a connection with this legendary race. As an old friend who shares the same authentic maritime values, VDH asked him to work alongside him by becoming the project manager for preparation of his boat.  
Managing the preparations for this incredible challenge is a project which is perfect for two people - two sailors, two brains, two strategies, two funds of experience brought together for a new adventure to add to the careers of these two devoted seafarers. 

VDH is a year ahead of Lionel in terms of preparation. They are reflecting on the project together. For the hydro-generator, for example, Lionel has more experience sailing with these devices. So it’s naturally him who offers VDH advice on this subject. We’ll be watching them closely at every stage until the race departs.

Lionel: a partner in our first regatta products

We have collaborated with Lionel since 2004. The regatta spirit reigned supreme back then. Ocean racing was little known and given very little consideration by pleasure sailors. Sailing was performed the hard way, with the utmost simplicity and a minimum of onboard equipment to ensure faster movement and add to the thrill of being on the water.

External protections were far from essential on a yacht. They even went against the grain for regatta competitors, who considered these add-ons as an attack on their way of handling a yacht, in similar fashion to the sailors they sought to rival.

In ocean racing, a different spirit prevails: the sailor’s performance still matters, but the approach is one of endurance. The media were just beginning to take an interest in this type of race. It was in this new climate that NV was ahead of the curve in terms of sailing equipment.

The regatta hood was born from Lionel’s needs, designed to give him the comfort and safety required to keep up his endurance throughout ocean races. He needed protection in rough seas and prolonged winds, so we made sure to provide him with extremely sturdy materials and solid assembly methods. 

Another requirement was studied in collaboration with Lionel: being able to rapidly unclip the cover to ensure onboard safety. This cover was designed in keeping with the new way of thinking in which immediate performance was gradually eclipsed in favour of endurance.
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