- Husband and wife, ambassadors and creators of NV -

A story of two people

When the instructor met the trainee back in 1970 at sailing school...

Three years later, they were married and acquired their first sailing boat, a ‘Corsaire’, a life full with the joys of sailing, escape and the regatta.

Passionate about sailing, in 1977 they decide to create a sail-making company ‘Normandie Voiles’ in Ouistreham, Normandy. Whenever the opportunity afforded itself, in their free time they enjoyed participating in regattas and spending time with their two daughters.

After 10 years, ‘Normandie Voiles’ became NVequipment. They moved away from sail-making to focus on a new venture: ‘hoods and outdoor protection’. In 1990, the couple relocated to Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie in the Vendée region, to move the company closer to the main building sites.

During this period, the realities of entrepreneurship left them with little time for sailing. In 2000, Jean-Yves and Josette decide to sell NVequipment to Pascal Cardi, buy a new boat, and set sail on the seas again.

Like in sailing, this tight-knit couple relied on their shared skills and know-how, giving them success in their careers and now in their personal story which continues on.

Their journey, from regatta to cruising.

- Testimony from the couple -

“Together we raced sailing yachts for many years in the Channel. (Corsaire, Sangria GTE, Delph 28, Super Arlequin, Proto quarter)

The Vendée site, and especially running the company, entailed taking a 12-year ‘boat hiatus’. After selling NV, we purchased a First 42 S7. Finished are the regattas, giving way to “fast” cruises in the Mediterranean (mainly in Greece and Turkey).

A style of sailing that we had to get used to (mooring, dock ends, etc.)
Next, we bought a Centurion 45 S for more comfort and let’s say... for fun. We decided to sell the boat to embark on another form of travel, the motorhome.

Yet, the passion never left: we missed sailing and life on board!
Very quickly, we made a deal with the owners of the Centurion 45 S who had become our friends whereby we would share the costs of the boat and operating it.

There we were, at it again! After Greece, then the Canary Islands, next are the Caribbean islands, which we plan to discover next winter in February 2018. "

Their practices at sea

NV products:
Coming from regattas then sailing races, the essential product remains the sprayhood for use in the Mediterranean.

Their expectations:
The cover must be flexible, shielding, aesthetic and complement the look of the boat flawlessly.

Using their protective cover:
In general, they do not sail with the hood... they want to see the sea, the sails and the sky. They use it in very specific cases.

> When it's hot,
They keep only the top, to have shade and at the same time, have good ventilation thanks to the front opening.

> When anchoring or in port,
They complete the protection against the sun with a canvas that attaches at the back of the hood and stretches to the backstay. A type of sun awning under the boom of sorts...

> When there is light rain
​They put up the windscreen (i.e. the front opening) to keep the inside of the companionway dry. And if the rain continues, they put the sides up for additional comfort and full protection.

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