For over forty years, NVequipment has been helping sailors indulge their passion by providing onboard comfort and protection, whatever kind of trip they wish to take. The company today represents the only major player able to bring together industrial efficiency and expert craftsmanship.

NV products adorn, protect, customise and offer all the comfort you need onboard to make the very most of your passion: sailing.  Pleasure sailors, keen to get their hands on the right product, will always insist on “only the best for my boat”, and this demand has made NVequipment what it is today. We now combine work “to order” (sur-mesure) with “small batch” production and the precision of an industrial manufacturer. This vision of our craft is reflected in our flow-based organisation and quality control at every stage of production.

Meticulous precision in the assembly of soft materials and deck attachments, and in the stainless steel and aluminium structure bending processes. This know-how goes back a long way, drawing on the experience and skills acquired over many years.

innovation, design, technical sophistication

Our forty years of collaboration with builders, charterers and distributors has enabled us to acquire a high level of technical sophistication and precision.

Our meticulous standards are reflected in how each product is designed and developed. The use of computer-aided design and virtual reality helps us to enhance our design methods, to innovate, and to bring even greater precision to our modelling and design choices.

Project development entails consideration of the onboard equipment environment, circulation ergonomics, functional needs based on the intended use and purpose of the boat. We design a product based on pre-established design rules to give it the NV signature.

perfect precision,
the golden touch 

Soft material assembly requires real dexterity. The various parts of the product’s fabric are cut by automated machines using digital files.

After this initial cutting phase, they are gathered together and stored for assembly. An operator assembles the product by stitching.

The final phase in the manufacturing process is performed by the finishing operators, who fit the connecting pieces, visually inspect all the products, clean them to remove dust, and carefully fold them before packaging.

compliance and high standards

The hoop workshop has undergone incredible development in the last five years due to the increasingly large size of metal structures on the boats. We are modernising this workshop by investing in new premises, better suited to the future demands of the kinds of work involved.

As for the fabric, after semi-automated cutting of the tubes, followed by the rolling/bending stages and dimensional checks for bending compliance, the next key step is assembly, including various operations such as drilling and pop riveting, welding, polishing, and surface treatment.

​Each product, on leaving the fabric or mechanical workshop, is assigned to a boat, visually inspected, tagged for traceability monitoring, and carefully cleaned before packaging.

satisfaction and service

Customer relations, central to the company for over twenty years, have evolved with the development of our General Public and Professional websites. Meeting all the daily demands of European pleasure sailors and professionals in their own languages is a real challenge in terms of customer service and communication. 

NV has successfully cultivated this interaction, enhancing the personalisation of responses and maintaining real, genuine trust through concrete responses. More and more pleasure sailors are concerned about their external protective covers and we are there to offer them reassurance, advice and support in their search for information, and to guide them to their preferred retailer.

The NV brand is going digital in order to gain a clearer understanding of the needs of pleasure sailors, who are increasingly connected and better informed before they make a purchase.

​The user experience, after the product range, represents the very core of NV equipment. NV customer relations are now going multi-channel. Step by step, the NV brand is forging strong links with all its customers across all sales channels.
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