Your product may or may not be under guarantee (two years). In either case, we’re here to help!
A request must be made to your dealer to indicate the problem.
  • NV carries out a precise technical analysis within the framework of a quality procedure which applies to all parts.

  • Guarantees do not apply in the event of inappropriate use, wear or damage resulting from incorrect use or installation of the product.

  • If your product is faulty or non-compliant, do not hesitate to return it to your nearest dealer. The number shown inside the product indicates its date of manufacture.

  • After checking, and in accordance with the provisions of Articles L.211-9 and L.211-10 of the Consumer Code, the faulty item will be repaired or replaced.


NV outdoor covers can be dealt with by a repair service.
  • Each NV boat cover sent to the repair service is dealt with by a Sail or Motor technical expert who will provide an assessment of the work to be performed. A quote is drawn up for approval.

  • Renovation of this product requires several days of work to make it as good as new, and to carry out finishing and packaging.

  • Before it is sent back to the customer, the NV product is checked to ensure impeccable quality of service.
For all requests, please consult your nearest dealer.
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