- NV’s guide to onboard trends and styles -

For NVequipment, style on board is an essential detail for your comfort at sea or during stopovers.
Dare to adopt a new style on board, create your own cockpit atmosphere!
Inspired by adventurous cruises and Scandinavian voyages, and designed using materials suited to the marine environment, the new edition of the NVequipment colour chart offers a range of contemporary colours.
We work with you to devise and design protections which highlight your boat’s personality, such as a custom boat canopy.

In 2021, NV is upgrading two visible elements of comfort in the cockpit: the harmony of colours and decorative cushions. Tone on tone provides elegance and enables the harmonies developed in 2018 to evolve in white, beige, grey, blue, black, red and green.

The result?  Matching colours which bring a wonderful finish to our Outdoor products.

Attractive reinforcement pieces provide a final flourish:
  • in Stamskin©, for pleasure boats and cruisers
  • in sturdy faux leather or full-grain leather, for yachts​

NVequipment reserves the right to change materials or colours during the season if necessary. Our network of retailers will be informed of any changes.

Choose a harmony

Choose a material

Natural Blanc A_02749
Silver A_02821
Marble A_03685
Oyster A_00078
Beige chiné A_03018
Papyrus A_03704
Dune A_01355
Heather Beige A_02903
Celestial A_03687
Abyss A_03726
Arctic Blue A_00071
Marine Blue A_00070
Captain Navy A_01300
Steel A_03684
Cadet Grey A_01927
Fog Smoke A_03983
Charcoal Grey A_02748
Dark Smoke A_03202
Taupe A_02793
Flanelle A_03636
Titanium A_03814
Charcoal Piqué A_03466
Graphite A_02980
Jet Black A_03059
Jaune A_02851
Pepper A_03686
Dark Green A_03058
Atlantic Blue A_03683
Blanc A_03816
Beige Sablé A_03906
Galet A_03877
Noir A_04146
Blanc A_00350
Dune A_01716
Désert A_03688
Gris Perle A_01717
Gris Nuage A_03694
Navy A_00352
Noir A_02778
Neige A_00536
Taupe A_03030
Gris A_01932
Nuit A_04000
Noir A_01877
Blanc A_03033
Taupe A_04019
Silver A_03038
Noir A_03129
Natté Cadet Grey A_03552
Natté Charcoal Black A_03548
No results, try another colour or material.
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