We recommend that you call on a professional.

In order to guarantee that your protection functions as intended, it is generally better to have a qualified professional from our NV retailers assemble and install it.

However, if you wish to install it yourself, you can request very precise, illustrated assembly instructions via the "contact" tab of this site, and they will be sent to you.

To help make it easier, we have also provided some tutorials in the video library, for example, giving advice on how to assemble a bimini (menu/sailing passion).

- Canvas tension -

The right tension can prevent problems...

It is important to regularly check the tension of your equipment. With flexible materials, the tension will vary during use.

If a product is not sufficienty taut, it may vibrate or flutter in the wind. This will loosen the fastenings and cause damage to badly adjusted equipment.

Our advice:
  • Stretch the canvases fully before each outing, pulling on the straps. Don’t be afraid to pull hard.
  • When moored, in a port or at anchor, check the canvas tension and the fasteners.
For safe sailing, especially in strong wind, your equipment must be fitted perfectly.
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