A CREW, comprised of skills and women and men.

WE ARE MODESTLY-SIZED COMPANY FROM THE VENDÉE REGION, and active in our field. We work closely and sincerely with others, and we are mindful of future challenges and the future of mankind.

NVequipment is a market leader, specialising in PROTECTIVE and COMFORT-enhancing equipment for boats.

NVequipment has become the benchmark in protective covers for boats, as we design and make products to match all models of cockpit.
Currently, it is the only company in Europe able to combine industrial performance and artisanal know-how. NVequipment products adorn, protect and personalise boats while providing plenty of comfort on board, allowing amateur sailors to fully indulge their passion for the sea.

Our motto - “marked by excellence, selected with experience” - perfectly embodies the added value our company provides, as well as its unique identity on the market. 
After several years of promoting the utility of its products, the company can now affirm its leading position due to its technical expertise and innovative approach. Nvequipment is shaking up practices and opening up new avenues in boat protection.
A human adventure with 150 people, 
that would not be possible without its crew.

We believe in people and have put them at the heart of our business.
Year after year, we owe the success of our development to each person’s commitment to their role, and to the quality of our services. 

The Management is demanding and encourages teams to put their skills and know-how to use to further the continuous improvement cycle. 
Collaborative management, delegation, interdisciplinary projects and support for change help to strengthen our position as a market leader, and our brand image within the nautical sector.
Do you dream of having a job that is related to sailing, allowing you to combine your passion and your work?
If so, why not join the NV adventure?
Have a look at our job offers or submit an application directly on our website.
45 years Séparateur of Experience
1st Séparateur Hood and Bimini Top 
Pioneer and Designer
100 % Séparateur Made
in France
600 Séparateur New Products Every Year
8000 Séparateur References
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