which equipment for my needs?

Which NV product should I choose for protection and comfort on my boat?
NV offers two ranges of products that cover all your needs in terms of protection and comfort on your boat.

What is the difference between the NV range and the ACCESS by NV range?

NV products
are specific to each boat

NV specific equipment are products specially designed for your boat model, to perfectly fit your cockpit and offering maximum protection and comfort. 
  • Adjusted to fit your boat model
  • Made to order by your retailer
  • Several materials, numerous colours to choose from,
  • Available in the NV retailer network within 3 to 4 weeks

Discover the products available for your boat model


ACCESS by NV products
are universal 

Storage, sun protection, comfort accessories and protective covers; the products in the ACCESS by NV range are accessible, ingenius and ready to use, designed for immediate use on many boat models allowing you to equip yourself easily and at a lower cost.
ACCESS products can also be used in addition to the specific NV range, to give you even more protection and comfort.
  • Suitable for many boat models
  • One or more sizes available depending on the product and type of boats
  • Availability immediately in NV partner shops or 72hr delivery from our workshops for sun protection (Bi-Summertop or Bi-sportline)

Discover our ACCESS by NV products

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