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NV Working with MyBac
Pots, tubs and planters

An ethical

and environmental commitment

You may have seen a few pots and planters blooming around the workplace.

NV decided to improve the areas around the workshops by starting an outdoor planting program.
We entrusted this mission to our partner Philippe Rosso, creator of MyBac, a new concept in planters and pots made in an eco-friendly circular economy.

What’s the difference with traditional pots?

Designed with upcycled materials (recycled industrial offcuts), MyBac pots include a water reservoir with an innovative sub-irrigation process that works by capillary action, guaranteeing significant water savings (up to 70%).

« As well as saving 70% of water and ensuring even irrigation according to the needs of each plant, it also means you can space out watering significantly, for up to 3 weeks ! »

Not just for the eyes!

Shrub and plants are certainly decorative and trendy. But the shape, colour and scent of plants offer rejuvenation and serenity. To be appreciated by employees and visitors alike, they reflect NV’s commitment to caring for our environment.

Acting daily to reduce our ecological impact is second nature to NV. We have been collecting and sorting packaging for nearly 5 years.

Towards eco-responsible consumption

As well as actions aimed at reducing daily consumption within the company, NV is committed to strong and lasting action to reduce our ecological impact, with the objective of decarbonizing our business with a 15% reduction in our carbon footprint by 2025.

Energy savings, waste recycling, selective sorting, short distribution circuits, selecting materials (like Sunbrella®) and suppliers that prefer recycling… this is what we are doing to reach this goal.