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Cold protection
for your sailboat

Enjoy your boat,

in all seasons.

Side covers on sun canopy, rear enclosure, full cockpit enclosures, rear yacht enclosures, etc. Cold and bad weather may hinder your sailing pleasure. To enjoy sailing in all weathers, get full coverage and unequalled comfort on board.

With a full closure, you are protected from the cold and the cockpit becomes a real living space on board. In warmer weather, your equipment converts into a sun canopy protecting you from UV rays.

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Expert manufacturer of boat covers, we offer a wide range of equipment and accessories to suit your sailing plans. Two brands of boat equipment of your passion at sea, for over 45 years.

Our modular cold protection products
are ideal for enjoying your boat in all seasons

Make the most of your boat at any time of the year, and not just during the summer season: it is possible with our cold protection products. Specially designed to cope with the harshest weather conditions, our protection products are resistant and keep you sheltered and warm, so you can navigate even in the most difficult areas where temperatures are below zero. And in more clement weather or milder temperatures, the canvases are adjustable to make the most of the outdoors. Our ambassadors NV Valérie & François are best placed to demonstrate: living all year round on their boat, mainly in Scandinavia, they are equipped with a typical Northern European enclosure and have no regrets about buying this equipment which also offers them additional living space on board.



Dare to stand out

Outdoor covers are the most visible parts of your boat. Our colour chart offers lots of harmonies, allowing you to freely create the style you want onboard. Dress your boat in a style that suits you!


For your comfort at sea

Our products are subjected to harsh tests both at sea and in port. Designed with robust, marine-grade materials, they will provide comfort and safety on board for you and your passengers, whatever your sailing plans.



For full and universal offer

Safety, Durability, Comfort. Our outdoor protections cover all your needs at sea on all types of boats: leisure, cruising, multihulls or large boats. And for each type of boat you will find the right protection for your use. Discover ACCESS by NV, our universal and ready-to-use accessories and equipment, and NV products, fitted to your boat model.


For eco-responsible commitment

We aim to be more eco-responsible as a company, offering durable products, which are repairable. This is reflected in our willingness to support you in ensuring the durability of your equipment over time with specific services: out-of-warranty repairs, spare parts, replacement canvas, 2-year warranty, etc.


For guaranteed quality

Our products are 100% designed and manufactured in our workshops in the Vendée region of France, using materials carefully selected for their quality, such as Sunbrella© fabrics. The combination of artisanal work with its performance and industrial precision which guarantee the quality of our protections.

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