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Replace your boat cover,
to renew protection, safety and style on board

Replace your boat canvas or your windows
to sail with passion and safety!

Whether at sea or in port, your boat is exposed to pollution and harsh weather conditions.

Your protections are getting older, and so is equipment on board. Repairing a boat’s Biminitop may only mean replacing a canvas to give it a second lease of life!

Over the years, your passion has remained intact, but you can’t say the same thing about the appearance of your boat! That’s why our Outdoor protective equipment retailers offer an exclusive service, replacing your old boat canvas with an identical one.

Give your boat a new lease of life, with a more contemporary colour scheme.

Renovate windows

Good visibility is essential for safe sailing

Despite regular cleaning and attention to tension, exposure of windows to various maritime conditions accelerates wear on PVC and on canvases and other parts.

Signs of wear that should alert you :
Over time, windpws get dull and become opaque. Be careful, opacity may make sea trips dangerous.

NV quality, for replacement equipment : Windows made from soft coated PVC, with UV protection, able to withstand maritime conditions at low and medium temperatures.

The life span of NV windows :
Four to five years on average, depending on the frequency of trips to sea, and under normal conditions of use. Note that semi-flexible or rigid windows require specific precautions.

New canvas

Are your canvas covers and closures showing signs of wear and tear?
It’s time to replace your protection on board.

Over the years, colours of canvases fade. But this does not affect their quality. The components and assemblies deteriorate more visibly than the fabric itself.

Signs of wear that should alert you: A sun canopy tarnished by time, slack canvas, etc. are signs of aging.

NV quality, for replacement equipment :

  • Sunbrella Plus® Acrylic Canvas : weatherproof, 100% acrylic, waterproof and resistant to UV, salt and wind. Fabric with enough weight to be perfectly stretched (320gr/m2), wide range of colours.
  • PVC canvas : comfortable, light, compact and easy to clean. Colours, more limited in choice, to match the style of your boat.
  • Micro-perforated shade : no more glare, acts as a screen and offers the best heat protection in southern climates. This material screens up to 97% of heat without deforming and preserves your privacy on board.
  • Simple shade : guaranteed ventilation on board. It remains the reference for Outdoor technical shades: stable, UV-resistant and weatherproof. Its discreet presence on board comes in the form of cockpit shades, windshield or windows…

For NV fabrics, 8 to 10 years on average, depending on the frequency of trips to sea, and under normal conditions of use.

Onboard style

Change your onboard style according to your whims.

Have you ever wanted to change the whole decoration in your living room, simply because it did not suit your tastes anymore? Or change your interior to give it a new look although everything was functional and clean?

Outdoor covers are the most visible parts of your boat. Create the atmosphere you want on board, for example by replacing the canvas on your sun canopy. Follow the NV guide to discover all the NV colour harmonies.

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