Assembly instructions
Make installation easy with our ACCESS by NV assembly instructions!
You have just purchased an ACCESS by NV product. Do you have any doubts about the installation? Don't worry!
Mindful of the quality of our equipment, and so that you can fully enjoy our products in the best conditions, we have put together these assembly instructions, accessible at any time on our website!
You will find all the information you need to best install your product: assembly time, detailed steps, and the equipment you will need to install your product effectively.
ACCESS products are designed to fit many boat models depending on the product and type of boats: wheelhouse, open hull, semi-rigid but also sailboats.
Ready to use
Practical and ingenious, ACCESS products offer immediate protection and comfort, attachment kit with instructions for use and advice included.
We have made it our mission to offer a range of products at affordable prices, so that every sailor can enjoy his/her passion to the full.
Sunbrella Source Canvas
A gesture for the planet. With almost a third of the total weight in recycled yarn, these fabrics give our products high resistance to warping and tearing, with a beautiful textured finish.
45 years Séparateur of Experience
1st Séparateur Hood and Bimini Top 
Pioneer and Designer
100 % Séparateur Made
in France
600 Séparateur New Products Every Year
8000 Séparateur References
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