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Home Inspiring you Advice How do you clean your outdoor protections before winterizing ?

How do you clean your outdoor protections
before winterizing ?

Tips and tricks for cleaning your boat

before its winter storage!

Preparing your boat for winter storage isn’t just a simple to-do list, it’s essential for maintaining the aesthetic appeal and durability of your NV protections (canvas + arches).

Follow these cleaning tips to protect your boat’s outdoor protective equipment from the harshest winter weather.

Our preliminary tips :

  1. Pre-inspection:

Before you start cleaning, make a thorough inspection of your NV covers and arches in your outdoor protection. Identify any problem areas, such as persistent stains or signs of corrosion on the arches. Also look out for any stains, tears or signs of wear that need special attention.

2. Delicate pre-cleaning:

Start by rinsing your NV covers thoroughly with clean water. Avoid using corrosive products and use a mild soap solution for stubborn stains.

Use a soft brush and a non-abrasive cloth to remove all dirt and corrosion from the arches. Make sure you clean fully in every nook and cranny.

Don’t forget ! Mould is your worst enemy

Mould growth on equipment exposed to the sea air can result from a variety of factors, such as increased air pollution, restrictions on fabric treatment, insufficient ventilation due to hermetically sealed windows, and residual moisture from quick cleaning or storage without prior drying.

Although our synthetic fabrics are naturally resistant to mildew, an inadequately cleaned fabric can encourage mildew to spread to other surfaces.

Time for action !

Clean your NV covers meticulously :
Dampen the cover with cold water, and rub with a soft brush using a mixture of soap and water. Let it work, then rinse thoroughly. Leave to air dry.
If there are traces of mildew on your cover, here’s how to remove them: Use a solution with a drop of bleach, soap and water. Rub with a soft brush. Then leave to work for a while and remove the solution with a thorough rinse. Finally, leave to air dry.

Gently wash your arches:
Rinse with clean water and a soft sponge. For any dirt, use lukewarm water and neutral soap, then rinse with clean water. Wipe dry with a microfibre cloth to remove any salt or other residue

Note : Avoid abrasive products or aggressive detergents, which can damage scratch-sensitive materials.

To respect and preserve our environment, recycle waste water when using products such as bleach, to preserve marine flora and fauna.

By following this cleaning routine for your outdoor protection before winterizing your boat, you will ensure that your NV covers and arches will remain in perfect condition, ready to resume their crucial role of protection while sailing, and guarantee your comfort and safety during the next summer season !