- Assembly & Installation -

We recommend that you call on a professional.

In order to guarantee that your protection functions as intended, it is generally better to have a qualified professional from our NV retailers assemble and install it.

However, if you wish to install it yourself, you can request very precise, illustrated assembly instructions via the "contact" tab of this site, and they will be sent to you.

To help make it easier, we have also provided some tutorials in the video library, for example, giving advice on how to assemble a bimini (menu/sailing passion).

- Storing your protection equipment -

Make sure it is dry and well folded.

Make sure your canvases are completely dry before storing them. Then store them in a dry place. 

This will allow you to prolong their life and prevent mould growth in your boat during the winter.

In order to prevent any of the transparent sections from breaking and reducing the effectiveness of the protection, we recommend that you roll the canvases before storing them in a bag.

- Canvas tension - 

The right tension can prevent problems...

It is important to regularly check the tension of your equipment. With flexible materials, the tension will vary during use.

If a product is not sufficienty taut, it may vibrate or flutter in the wind. This will loosen the fastenings and cause damage to badly adjusted equipment.

Our advice:
  • stretch the canvases fully before each outing, pulling on the straps. Don’t be afraid to pull hard.
  • When moored, in a port or at anchor, check the canvas tension and the fasteners.

For safe sailing, especially in strong wind, your equipment must be fitted perfectly.

 - Replace any defective parts -

One worn part can cause others to wear.

In the same way as you check the canvases, check parts and components at least twice a year.
They are subjected to a lot of stress during sailing and will therefore wear out.

We offer a range of spare parts that are suitable for your boat’s original products. Their availability depends on the resupply dates of the suppliers.

To order spare parts, please contact one of our retailers.

- Risks of damaged equipment -

At sea, it goes without saying that you need be vigilant in terms of safety!

Safety on board is essential when setting sail. This includes keeping your external protection in good condition, as this will prevent accidents caused by strong winds.
In addition, a worn canvas will be less effective against wind, rain, spray, cold and will make sailing less pleasurable.

Pay attention to the slightest sign of wear in the stitching, assembly areas, windows, closures, etc.
One worn part can cause others to wear, altering the overall functionality of the equipment (modular ability, storage, bending, etc.).

Discoloured canvases and clouded windows are visible warning signs. This is the time to renew your protective canvases.

In this situation, don’t worry! Our after-sales services can prolong the useful life of your equipment, and offer you the following choices:
  • a quotation for repair (out of warranty),
  • spare parts,
  • replacing part of a product, without altering the functionality of the original product. A list of the sub-assemblies that this applies to is available from your retailer.
  • replacing the canvas (canvas + transparent sections + attachment kit), excluding products such as covers and canopies without arches.

These services are provided by NV, guaranteeing original quality.
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